This is where I'll be dumping my graphics, resources and layouts. I also do reviews and requests, so please check that out on the resources page!

I have finished adding most of my small graphics back onto the site. I will be starting layouts completely cleanly, so I won't be putting my old layouts back onto the site.

It's been going quite swell...unless you count the fact that I have summer courses to take ._.; but anyway, I will be continuing to code a lot of back-end pages to make it much simpler for me to add my graphics onto the site (rather than having to open up an ftp program to add things on and off.)

As you can tell, I have changed the format for both the icons and signature pages. Instead of splitting the page up into a list of categories, I have adjusted it so that you will view the most recent additions upon entering the page, then have a list down of all the categories at the top. I hope this change will make it easier to navigate through the pages!

03 Aug 2012 - Tamaneko
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08 Apr 2013 - Major Site Revamp: please stay tuned - user interface will be changed
27 Mar 2013 - Site: New Layout coming soon
22 Jan 2013 - link exchange: frostproject
04 Jan 2013 - site maintenance: preparing to add digital art gallery
16 Dec 2012 - link exchange: fantajibijon
24 Nov 2012 - link exchange: metal-lipstick
14 Nov 2012 - 100x100 icons: added SNSD icons
07 Nov 2012 - Site Maintenance: Fixed some back-end coding for displaying signatures.
17 Oct 2012 - 100x100 icons: added akb48 icons
29 Sep 2012 - 100x100 icons: added kara icons